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Bath Rituals
Our state-of-the-art hydrotherapy tub incorporates powerful massaging jets and chromatherapy lighting to relax and unwind before any treatment. The grand size allows for a decadent single soak or luxurious bath for two.

Hydrating Milk Bubble Bath

Renew, clarify and calm the spirit while soothing and moisturizing your body with rich milk protein.

French Lavender Foam Bath

Relax and unwind in this softly scented moisturizing bath enriched with Shea Butter, natural oils and plant extracts.

Muscle Release Soak

Overworked muscles will benefit from this therapeutic dose of sea salts and our blend of rosemary, mint, and lavender essential oils. Recommended before every deep tissue or sports massage.

Choose from our selection of
Bubble Baths and Soaks

All offered in various spa packages or combined with massage treatments

Single 20 minutes

Couple 20 minutes

Bath Ritual

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